Top sites to follow for techies and web geek.

Here are the list of coolest site that a tech geek should visit.

1.Learn anything 

Interactive mind maps.

2.Startup Graveyard

List of Died Startup.


You can find email address related domain.

4.Tech Crunch
For Latest technology 

5.Growth Hacking Tools

Collection of tools 

6.Product Hunt

For new Startups, WebApp, AI, Bots and gadget related Stuff.
7.How Old

Try it 😉

8.Api List

List of API

9.Deseat Me

Wanna vanish from Internet try it.


About Futuristic Technology.


About technology and computer science.

12.Stack Overflow

For learners and Developers 

13. Quora

Platform to ask questions and connect to people.

Best place to learn web development.


For Gadget lovers.

16.The Verge

Technology site.

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